In a last-ditch effort to get out of major debt, four young Jamaican Canadian friends start a curling team, in hopes of winning the grand prize of $200,000 at the Safeway Select Championship. However, they will have much to learn about the game, themselves and working as a team in a white-dominated sport before they can even think about winning.
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3 married couples all in mixed relationships from Manitoba have sit down interviews. We get to dive deep into the lives of a Jamaican and Pakistani couple, which is rare, who have been married for 16 years with 4 kids. Learn about the ins and outs of daily life in a mixed relationship. How does culture, food? In laws & music stand up to the pressures of life in western Canada. We will follow 2 more couples and really get a feel of how the world is coming together and breaking down racial division.


We will also produce a music EP soundtrack for the documentary. Per couple we will create 8 original songs. But not just Any kind of songs. We will remix each of the cultures together. For example, the Jamaican rhythm and vibes would be Mixed with vibes of Pakistani beats. We would work with music producers from across Canada. As well all songs will be produced by a Manitoba accredited studio. Not only will you have a remixed relationship, we will have songs for you to download based on the couple’s diversity. This will be a very fresh documentary that is focusing on the fastest growing couple. demographics in Canada mixed relationships.